Benefits of Covered RV Storage

Published on 3/18/2020

After an unforgettable day out on the lake or a weekend road trip, we all dread the fact that it’s again time to park our boat, RV and any other toys and step back to reality.

Cartoon of a blue and white RV among trees

The only thing that could possibly make you feel any better, is the fact that you know your recreational vehicle or boat is in good hands. 

There are many reasons why covered RV storage at a facility near you could save you money, time and space. 

Here are a few we thought of;

  • Preventable Weather Damage: Of course RVS and boats have been built to withstand jarring weather conditions. However, did you know that your RV interior can reach temperatures up to 144°? Or that the sun’s damaging UV rays can beat down on your vehicle causing high heat-build up on the surface, resulting in seal damage? I don’t think anyone would want their paint and trim on their RV cracking and fading over time either? Renting a covered space can put your mind to ease knowing your RV or boat will remain as strong and durable as it was when you last left it.

    • Added Security: Owners know that their recreational vehicles and boats were not cheap. This is why facilities go above and beyond to make sure their tenants property will be safe and protected. 

    Most storage facilities use a layered security system, with a pass-code entry gate, fencing, lights and cameras. Doing all they can to make sure you feel safe and secure. 

    • More room at home: Storing your RV at home might not be the easiest thing. Most people don’t have room in their driveway nor do they have the patience to pull around it everyday while they come and go. 

    Renting a covered space can help you have easy access and a quick get away when you’re embarking on a spontaneous trip to hills. 

    • Lastly, Cost: There are not many locations to store your recreational vehicle that would be cheaper than renting a covered, outdoor, parking space. Especially, if they’re parked in front of your home in your subdivision? Those HOA fines can be hefty!

    Most facilities have low, affordable monthly costs and flexible leases that allow you to pick your storage needs exactly fit for you. 

    These are just a few of the many benefits to leasing a storage space for your RV and boat, I am sure you can find some benefits yourself once you rent a space of your own. Spend your summers out on the open road or the open water and when the time comes that you have to go home, never worry about logistics again!