Choosing the right Facility

Do you need 24-hour tenant access?

Be aware that not all facilities will allow you access to the vehicle during any given time of the
day or night. Rules vary from one facility to the next. While some facilities are accessible 24
hours a day, other facilities have limited hours of operation that restrict access to your vehicle.
Check the rules before signing a contract if around-the-clock access is important to you.

Is the storage facility you chose secure?

Compare the safety and security features of facilities before renting. Ask if there are security
cameras on the premises. Is the facility equipped with motion lights or otherwise well lit? Not
all storage facilities offer security alarms and security fences.

Storage Insurance

It is often assumed that self storage facilities will automatically provide insurance for the items
being placed into storage. This is not the case. Few self storage facilities will offer full or
comprehensive insurance within their standard storage rental fees. At Park IT Storage we
require all of our tenants to carry insurance on their vehicles.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of well-being just because a facility has implemented great
security measures or has a smoking ban on site, for example. Your items are technically out of
your hands in self storage and, although we are doing everything we can to avoid theft, we can
do little against accidents and damage caused by fires, floods, storms and other natural

It is recommended that you check your insurance options carefully before signing your storage
rental agreement and placing your vehicle into self storage. In fact, your first step should be to
contact your insurance agent to see if the vehicle placed in self storage will be covered by your
current policy. It may be that you are fully covered for a vehicle stored away from home or you
may be able to pay an additional premium to get such coverage. This option could be cheaper
than taking out a separate insurance policy.